What they say.

master of his craft

I have known Hal for years, and had the pleasure of working with him on various projects. His ability to come up with exciting concepts, unique visuals and immersive story telling makes him a master of his craft. He’s a natural leader and never fails to inspire those around him to achieve new heights. On top of everything, he’s an amazing photographer… I sincerely hope to work with Hal again in the near future.

Hannes Meyer, Chief Creative Officer
Rhythm Agency

without peer

My teams and I have had the great good fortune to have worked with Hal Myers for nearly two decades. During those years we have consistently relied upon Hal and his many talents to amplify our ideas, animate our presentations and make poetry of our words. He is especially adept at creating compelling, concise messaging for every situation. I was always proud to represent our firm in any situation armed with the best marketing campaigns as well as client and public-facing presentations – all conceived, developed and accomplished through the genius of Hal Myers. His work is simply without peer.

David Pogue, Chief Strategy Officer
RiverRock Real Estate Group
Former Global Director of Corp. Responsibility

best at what he does

I think he is a creative genius, seriously. Hal was able to capture the essence of what I wanted for my business cards with very few words from me. I recall providing colors and asked for a strong, bold card that represented me. I wanted my name to be known, not a company name. Few people have the ability to capture their clients’ words/nuance to create visual designs. Plus, his writing is clever as well as intelligent. I would not recommend Hal to my clients, vendors, or friends unless I thought he was the best at what he does!

Susan Choi, Principal
SKC Solutions LLC

ability to use imagery as storytelling

I know firsthand the talent of HRM Creative, as I’ve been fortunate to work with Hal for many years and experience his genius on a large variety of projects. He has an innate ability to use imagery as storytelling to move an audience and create maximum impact.

Lisa Colicchio, Director of Sustainability

nothing less than perfection

I’ve had the pleasure of a professional relationship with HRM Creative for years. During this time, Hal has continuously impressed me with his creative capabilities and his sincere passion for delivering nothing less than perfection. I’ve worked with Hal on brand strategy and development, marketing campaign development, video production, photography, content development, web design, print and motion graphics projects. On each engagement, Hal brought his experience, creative talents, vision and leadership skills to the table which consistently resulted in a collaborative approach that enabled the entire team to excel in their respective roles. I would certainly recommend Hal and I look forward to working with HRM Creative again.

Peter Bohenek, President & Co-Founder
Rhythm Agency

highly recommend

I had the pleasure of working with Hal on a project using ServiceNow software. Hal was the Content Management Leader for the CBRE Global HR Team. Using his expert creative design expertise, he led a group of globally dispersed content writers to deliver a world-class digital experience for CBRE employees. He designed numerous article templates and coached, trained and guided both the content writers and their leaders to ensure global alignment of development, structure and presentation of the articles across the three regions.

Without Hal’s dedication and leadership, we could not have achieved the success we had on the project. If you are pursuing greater digital experience in your business, I would highly recommend Hal as an integral part of your leadership in that quest. I would also love to work with Hal in future digital experience projects that are critical to a company’s success.

Keith Campbell, CSM
Consultant, Software Delivery