Game on.

I cut my teeth as a copywriter in Tokyo before working for an ad agency in Singapore. Surprisingly, some of the best advertising in the world comes out of that small island state. I would like to think this is said on authority, having traveled to more than 50 countries and worked in marketing for a number of years. HRM Creative seems like a far cry from where the journey began as a high school English teacher in Oregon.

Much of how I view my role as a creative is articulated in my philosophy about photography, especially as it relates to the environment and the importance of cultivating diversity. I see the world through the lens of issues related to social justice, which comes from exposure to the value of different cultures and the inherent dignity of every person.

Along the way, I’ve gained a certain drive for generating quality outcomes. If it’s worth doing, it’s worth doing well: when asked by a client to collaborate on achieving their goal, HRM Creative has a responsibility to bring its “A” game, regardless of project size or where an organization needs support on the altimeter of business communications.

HRM Creative draws on a trusted coterie of creative resources, each of whom is known for performing at the top of their game. These individuals hail from areas of expertise in filmmaking, digital/social media and illustration. Importantly, by always creating or directing the final deliverable, I can ensure a client’s work is branded, first, by the mark of HRM Creative quality.


The key to successful business communications is telling a compelling story.