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In partnership with BOMA International, BOMI International requested the development of branding and all content for an integrated ESG campaign that would generate a series of five 2-hour presentations delivered by industry leaders at an annual conference in Nashville. After filming the event, presentations were post-produced into specific training modules, which have been adopted into BOMA’s learning curriculum. A trailer and promo clip were produced by HRM Creative to boost sales of the training, and can be seen by clicking the links.

OBJECTIVE:  Leverage the concept of Planet Building (see Branding) for use in a variety of applications, including large events and sustainability behavior campaigns inside commercial buildings.  STRATEGY:  Commission an illustrator to develop a bespoke family of superheroes to engage building occupants, then empower property managers to use these characters in creative ways to promote sustainability.  SOLUTION:  Conceived names and qualities of imaginary heroes to represent aspects of sustainability, designing customized posters and email blasts to inspire building users to achieve their own superpower status.  RESULT:  Applications included use during Earth Day, and the campaign was especially popular in a local school and corrections facility. Costumes were adapted during Halloween in some commercial real estate offices.

OBJECTIVE:  Promote Share Our Strength’s No Kid Hungry initiative, whose “Taste of the Nation” fundraiser attracts celebrity chefs motivated to help end childhood hunger in the United States.  STRATEGY:  Develop a system of posters and postcards that inspires attendees and potential donors to contribute and become more fully engaged.  SOLUTION:  Adopt a child’s perspective, allowing them to convey gratitude and appeal to the positive, real-world benefits of opening one’s heart.  RESULT:  Event raised a substantial amount, which was propelled by the creative.