OBJECTIVE:  Create a memorable approach for owners and occupiers of commercial buildings to improve their operating efficiencies and conserve valuable resources.  STRATEGY:  Correlate the built environment to the global ecosystem, demonstrating how commercial buildings are the sum of interdependent systems, which as a whole can benefit the broader community through growing circles of influence.  SOLUTION:  Developed the concept of “Planet Building,” creating branded marketing campaigns for owners, engineers, tenants and occupants that informed and educated.  RESULT:  Reduced client operating costs and contributed to greater sustainability of their building or portfolio; enhanced corporate responsibility and ESG initiatives of global leader in commercial real estate services.

OBJECTIVE:  Connect the value of corporate responsibility to the client’s new tagline: Build on Advantage.  STRATEGY:  Capitalize on the word “advantage” within the company’s brand makeover and extrapolate this to the CR initiative. Establish connective tissue with ESG (Environmental, Social, Governance) and the concept of Planet Building.  SOLUTION:  Convert Build on Advantage to “Shared Advantage,” demonstrating ­­­the shared value of corporate responsibility within the company and through market influence on its clients and suppliers.  RESULT:  Aligned to the client’s social responsibility report; helped each division within the firm to establish its bona fides vis-à-vis the value it brings to stakeholders and the communities in which it operates.