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a word on writing

MOST PEOPLE BELIEVE copy writing is a single word. A copywriter does copy writing for clients, using words to convey information, impart some idea or inspire a behavioral response – either through standalone text or in combination with imagery. When developed successfully as a composite, words and images combine to form a single impression that delivers a persuasive message or makes a clear rhetorical point. Oh, and correct spelling and punctuation matter.

Having someone you trust to write the copy is helpful. Different forms of writing require adopting the appropriate voice – one that is accurate, accessible and captures the unique characteristics of a brand to help reinforce its positioning. A good copywriter can adopt a variety of different voice inflections, depending on the subject matter at hand.

A copywriter is also an idea maker: trust extends to having faith they will create fresh and innovative ways of approaching a subject that can be the basis of a campaign which creates a lasting impression. Text and images that “click” tend to endure, and promote benefits that accrue over time to the pioneering objective.

While it should be everyone’s intent to reduce, or even eliminate, their unconscious biases, good copy writing plays a significant role in reinforcing the positive associations we have with a product, service or brand, especially when it delivers on the promise of worthwhile societal outcomes. When used as a tool for influencing the positive behavioral choices we make, there’s yet another way of spelling it:

Copy Right